Online Pokies Glossary

There are a lot of terms and phrases that new players may come across in the world of pokies that they may not understand. We have put together a list of the most common terms that players will encounter on a daily basis, making it easier to learn and understand how it all works. Soon enough, our new players will have the knowledge of a professional, making their online pokies career easy and fun.


Reels are the vertical lines, or wheels that can be found on any slot machine. These are what spin, and where the symbols will land once the spin has come to a finish.


Symbols are how winning combinations are made, and appear across the reels during the game. Symbols can be made up of many different things, and are usually thematically linked to the type of pokie being played.

3 Reel Slot Machines

The most classic of pokies, the 3 reel slot is one of the oldest and most popular types of game in the modern world. These slots are made up of just three reels, and often will have classic symbols such as bells, fruit, numbers, and more. Straightforward, easy to learn, and perpetually exciting, these pokies are the best types of slot to get started with.

5 Reel Slot Machines

The 5 reel pokie is the product of the natural evolution of the classic machine, and have become the most common type of pokie in the online casino world. Featuring 5 reels, and usually a few extra bonus minigames, the 5 reel pokie has just about something for everyone.


A very common part of modern slots, wilds are special symbols found on the reels that often serve a unique purpose. In most cases, they allow for players to complete symbol combinations on the reels that would otherwise be impossible. Expanding wilds are also popular, and after landing one, the wild will expand across the reels, allowing more combinations to be completed.

Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots are one of the biggest draws of online pokies, and can make the average player extremely wealthy. A progressive jackpot is a huge pot of winnings that is spread across multiple pokie games, and the pot slowly accumulates more money over time, often going into the millions. Eventually a player somewhere will strike lucky and win the entire jackpot.

Free Spins

Most pokies can be played for real money, meaning players will need to deposit some of their own money to begin playing. Free spins, on the other hand, allow the player to play the game without investing a single cent. Free spins can come in the form of free to play slots, or special rewards earned from bonuses offered by casinos.

Payout Percentage

A payout percentage is the percentage of deposited money that a player will receive over a certain period of time played. This means that the longer a player stays at a machine, the more of a guarantee they will have of earning a certain percentage back of whatever amount they invested, usually between 3 and 5%.

Random Number Generator

The random number generator, more commonly referred to as RNG, is a system that slot machines use to calculate the chances of a player winning a spin. As the name implies, the system works completely at random, and this is why there are no real strategies players can use to try improve their chances of winning.