Online Pokies News

The world of online pokies is ever changing and constantly full of excitement. New games, thrilling bonuses, massive jackpots, and international casinos are all part of the pokies scene, and fans will want to keep up to date on the latest happenings. With pokies being one of the most popular games within New Zealand, keeping up with all the latest means that players have the chance to find out exactly what’s happening in the exciting world of online pokies, and just what is making pokies news.

For those players new to the pokies world, learn about the latest pokies news, which games are coming out, and the latest trends that are sweeping though the industry, including any upcoming future events.

Skill-Based Pokies

Pokes has always been enjoyed for its simplicity, but with the dawn of a new technological era, there has been a shift toward more skill-based games. This means pokies that are more interactive, and require more attention and concentration from players. This also means that special bonuses will start to be added to future pokies that reward players for their skill at the game, which will entice many into trying the latest pokies as they come out.

Better Bonuses

The multi-level bonus is new to the slot world, but it is quickly gaining a large following among players as they keep up with latest pokies information. Taking inspiration from Role Playing Games, these multi-level bonuses unlock more rewards as the player continues playing, and the further along they get, the better the rewards. This also ties in with the skill-based pokies, meaning that soon there will be many complex pokies out there fit to satisfy the new generations of players.

Narrative Pokies

Another big innovation in the world of pokie news is the introduction of narrative slots, where a story is told as the player progresses through the game. Each pokie will have a different story to tell its players, and this adds an extra incentive for those looking for something more than the normal, face-value fruit machine. Taco Brothers is one such game, where a story about the player saving a town is told, with each part of the game linking back to the story in some way.

Mobile Growth

Many new pokies releases are no longer being created for multiple platforms, as new statistics reveal that more and more people use their smart phones and tablets to browse the internet. This means that many developers are now focussing mostly on creating pokies for mobile devices only, and moving away from more traditional platforms such as desktops and laptops. This latest online pokies information shows that as time goes on, the online casino world may very well end up moving away from traditional methods of distributing all games, such as pokies.

Upcoming Releases

New pokies releases are important to keep up with, as it means knowing about all the best games coming to the market. To start with, Net Entertainment has announced the release of its latest pokie, Butterfly Staxx. This is the sequel to the hugely popular Neon Staxx.

Net Entertainment also added a new game to their fantasy series of 3D pokies: Hansel and Gretel.

Big Time Gaming has released its latest pokie, Danger: High Voltage, with a release event that will take place online, and will be one of the biggest pokie events in recent news.

With all the new changes coming to the world of pokies tournaments, it will be interesting to see what new pokies releases will have in store for players.