The Best POLi Payment Casinos in NZ 2024

POLi Payment services are available to online gamblers in Australia and New Zealand. With POLi Payments you can quickly and securely make a deposit at an online casino and play online pokies, with the transfer generally being instant.

Notably, making a POLi Payment doesn’t require you to register, meaning that none of your sensitive information is stored. You will, however, have to enter banking credentials during the payment process. The POLi Payment option at online casinos is seen by many gamblers as a quick, hassle-free alternative to a lot of other, more elaborate options. The only downside is that to use this payment option you have to be at a POLi Payment casino. This guide offers more details on how to find the best POLi Payments casinos in New Zealand and how to take advantage of this excellent casino banking option today.

How To Use POLi Payment Casino Sites

Using POLi Payment at a POLi casino is quick and easy. It shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes to make a deposit. Here is a quick step-by-step guide to help you get started.

Step 1

You first need to choose a POLi Casino. Remember that POLi Payment is not available at every online casino. Take a look at our list to choose a POLi Casino that suits your needs. You’ll need to sign up with the casino to get an active account.

Step 2

While logged in to your account head to the site’s banking or payments page. Choose the option to make a deposit and select POLi Payment. You’ll then have to select your bank.

Step 3

You’ll now have to sign in to your bank in the usual manner. Remember that the credentials you enter here won’t be stored. The online casino you’re signing up with also doesn’t have access to these credentials. All the information you provide here is entirely confidential.

Step 4

You can now select the bank account and the amount that you’d like to deposit. Once you click or tap to finalise the deposit the amount should instantly appear in your online casino account. You will also receive any bonuses or promotions that are applicable with a first deposit at that site.

Step 5

You can now play POLi pokies or any other games available at the site. Have fun!

Poli Casino Bonuses Explained

Minimum Poli Casino Payments to Get A Bonus:

  • $1 Poli Casino Bonuses
  • $5 Poli Casino Bonuses
  • $10 Poli Casino Bonuses
  • $20 Poli Casino Bonuses

POLi Payment Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
✅ No Fees ❌ Not every bank supports it
✅ Credit Card Details ❌ Withdrawals aren't possible with POLi
✅ Instant Payments ❌ Available Only for New Zealanders and Australians
✅ Safe and Secure Payments
✅ Flexible Payments
✅ High Deposit Limits
✅ Fast Encrypted Deposits and No Sign Up Required

Alternative Payment Options

Although POLi Payments for casinos ticks so many of the right boxes, including offering players this great option when playing mobile pokies and more, not every pokies player wants to use this method. other trusted and recommended payment options that are also readily available include:

  • Bitcoin
  • Credit Cards
  • MasterCard
  • Neteller
  • Visa
  • Skrill

POLi Pokies Casinos FAQ

POLi Payments are charged at 1% of a transaction’s total value, up to a total of $3.00. POLi initially has a transaction limit of $2,000. However, you can raise this limit to as much as $20,000 after you’ve made an initial transaction.

The minimum and maximum deposit amounts at a POLi casino will depend on that site. You will need to check what the minimum and maximum deposits are before making a deposit.

The majority of online casinos are completely safe, and the majority of POLi casinos are also safe. By safe, we mean an online casino operating under a legal licence and using encryption technology. However, it isn’t guaranteed that every online casino you visit will be safe. It is best that you check a casino’s operating licence and ensure that it is operating within the law. It is also a good idea to check an online casino’s reputation before making use of the services.