Popular Types Of Pokies Online

The world of online pokies has grown absolutely massive over the last twenty years thanks to the far reach of the internet, and massive gaming libraries provided by casinos from all over the world. New pokies are being added to sites every single day, and each pokie is different from the last. Whether they are simple fruit machines or complex, multi-reel behemoths, New Zealanders will find a type of pokie that suits them best without too much trouble.

Before starting out in the world of online pokies, it’s important to try and learn all the different pokies types. Finding a game that you will enjoy and play often means increasing your chances of winning.

3-Reel Pokies

The humble 3-reel pokie is a classic of the casino world, and have been enjoyed for the better part of the last century. These are the perfect machines to start out with, and new players will have no trouble learning how they work. As the name implies, these types of online pokies are simply machines with only 3 reels, and this is usually all there is to them. Most fruit machines are 3-reel pokie types, and while many may include special bonus features, for the most part 3-reel machines are as simple as they come.

5-Reel Pokies

The bread and butter of the casino world in New Zealand, 5-reel pokies tend to be the most popular types of pokies, and the ones most often enjoyed by players. Having 5 reels and usually abundant with mini-games and bonuses, these pokies are what players will encounter the most online. Most will be unique in some way, be it special mechanics or different themes, there is usually a 5-reel pokie out there suited for just about anyone.

Progressive Online Pokies

Of all the different pokie types in the world, the machines linked to a progressive jackpot are by far the most sought-after. Progressive jackpots are massive pools of money that build up over time, with all linked machines adding a percentage of deposits to the pool every time a person spins. These types of pokies means that anyone playing has a chance of winning the total pool, which can often be in the millions if it has had enough time to build up. It’s easy to find this type of pokie, as they have gained considerable popularity in New Zealand, and are now offered by most casinos.

Finding Pokies Online

With all the different types of pokies available to players in New Zealand, many might wonder just how to go about finding the right one. The key here is choice, and there is an abundance of it. There are thousands of different pokies on offer, and players will need to try and find one that suits them best. The best way to go about this is by playing free games from all the different types of pokies, and finding a type that seems like the most enjoyable.

Variety is the spice of the casino world, and nothing personifies this more than the pokie. Casinos offer just about every type of pokie in the world, meaning there will always be something for everyone.